The Rotunda – Timber and Steel Hybrid

Case Studies - The Rotunda – Timber and Steel Hybrid

One of the projects that Glulam Timber Engineering LLP is undertaking is The Rotunda, an up market restaurant and Ice Cream parlour situated right on Weston-Super-Mare’s beachfront opposite the Pier.

The design of this two storey building is a mix of Glulam and steel where the stiffness of steel is more suited to the long spans of the Mezzanine floor and the combined sustainable and aesthetic qualities of Glulam offer a visually pleasing frame around the mainly glazed perimeter of the building!

This Hybrid mix is becoming more and more prevalent in medium to large buildings, with most of the large supermarkets building new stores predominately using Glulam as the main structure with bespoke steel connections and tie-rod systems.

The Rotunda – Timber and Steel Hybrid


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